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Your body is my ball point pen


You never see my bleeding heart

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world.


He’s so good. What’s heart-wrenching about this scene is that you realize later that Tony was ill and KNOWS he’s ill, although he’s (as usual) putting on a great superficial show of arrogance and bluster.   And you can go back and SEE it in RDJ’s performance.

That’s why I never understand when people say Tony is a shallow character whose main attibute is arrogance.  It’s so much the opposite, I can’t even tell you.  His “arrogance” is a protective shell, just as much as the armor is.

dallons asked: narry
"Let’s be honest, Ireland is the best country in the world. Hands down."
"No, absolutely not."

"It is so good being together again."

me everyday: well that was stupid


this is the gayest show ever and i love it

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